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Mr al-Maliki's Complaints

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said that when it comes to Israel-Palestine, the Hungarian foreign policy, or the Hungarian way of shaping EU policy, there is a “problem.” In his view, Hungary has openly shown a total pro-Israeli stance that disregards the rights of Palestinians. What the PA mostly objects to though is that Hungary has, according to Mr. Maliki, prevented consensus within the EU about Israel-Palestine for the last couple of years, because they have objected to resolutions or statements that could point at Israel negatively for its policies against the Palestinians.

In the Foreign Minister’s view, criticizing Israel or issuing a statement against Israel within the EU is being blocked by the Hungarian government through not allowing full consensus. In his words, in relation to Palestine, Hungary is the one that carries the Israeli flag. When it comes to statements regarding Israeli atrocities, crimes, then Hungary comes to the defense of Israel to prevent any statement against it.

When it comes to moving the embassies or opening diplomatic missions in Jerusalem, Hungary is the one to take the lead and shows the initiative in violation of international law by opening an office in Jerusalem with diplomatic representation, in total violation of international law, and in violation of the European Union, he added.


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